Restorative Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Makary and her team ready to transform smiles across Jacksonville with customized restorative dentistry solutions using leading-edge treatments and procedures. Northpoint Dental is proud to offer top restorative dentistry services near Jacksonville, FL, using state-of-the-art techniques to restore our patients' functional smiles and quality of life. From simple fillings to dentures and dental implants, you'll receive the effective, comfortable care you deserve!

the waiting room inside Northpoint Dental in Jacksonville, FLWe provide the following restorative dentistry offerings at our dentist office in Jacksonville, FL:

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to repair damaged, chipped, and broken teeth that remain otherwise healthy. Each dental crown fits over the original tooth to provide stability and enhanced protection. We may also use a dental bridge to fill the gap created by a single missing tooth.

We fabricate dental crowns using the following durable, tooth-colored materials:

  • All Porcelain
  • All Ceramic
  • Zirconia
  • BruxZir®

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Rather than offering outdated metal fillings, Dr. Makary will color-match her state-of-the-art dental filling material to blend perfectly with your teeth. No one will even notice that you've had a cavity or white fillings. Even better, we are an amalgam-free dental office, which means you'll always be treated with safe, mercury-free materials.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding allows our team to fortify and restore missing portions of the teeth. We use only expertly shade-matched, tooth-colored materials (similar to white fillings) to cover chips or gaps in the teeth, in a non-invasive procedure that often doesn't require any numbing or adjusting of the affected tooth.

Dental Bridges

photo of the Northpoint Dental office building exterior in Jacksonville, FLThe most common and least expensive way to replace a missing tooth is a dental bridge. Each dental bridge restoration connects the teeth directly adjacent to the missing tooth with a false tooth that acts as a fused “bridge." Northpoint Dental offers traditional bridges, as well as those that are permanently fixed to the mouth using dental implants.

Dental Implants

Our dentist's implant dentistry training and experience allow her to provide permanent restoration for lost or missing teeth, with state-of-the-art dental implants that look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth would!

Each dental implant consists of a titanium post that becomes permanently anchored to the jawbone. She will place a solid dental crown or restoration below the gum line to complete the dental implant procedure and your new smile!

Removable Dentures

Whether you need all of your teeth replaced or just a few, dentures and partial dentures offer cost-effective methods of filling the gaps created by missing teeth. Our team is well qualified to create the custom dentures solution that fits you best!

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